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All scholarships and concession in fees are held subject to the good conduct and satisfactory progress of the holders. In no case can a college scholarship and/or concession in fees awarded by the college be enjoyed along with any other scholarship drawn from any other source such as U.G.C. grant-in-aid/poor fund, except in the case of Govt. loan scholarships, First and Second Grade Scholarships awarded by the Education Directorate, Govt. of W.B. on the results of the Higher Secondary,/Madhyamik Examination of the West bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Certain stipends are available for the poor students of the College from the Henry Stephen Fund.

Free Studentship : Certain concessions in fees in the forms of granting full free studentship, half-free studentship, quarter-free studentship are awarded to meritorious students, who may be in indigent circumstances.

Name of Scholarship / Fund
Amount (Rs.)
Meant for (Class)
Sasimukhi Roychowdhury Fund Certificate
Stephenson Nirmalendu Ghosh Scholarship
100/- per session
1st Year Arts
Ogilvie and Wilson Certificate
2nd / 3rd Year
Allen Bequest Certificate
1st Year Arts / Science
S.C. Sil Certificate
1st Year Arts / Science
London Certificate
2nd Year Arts / Science
Edinburgh Certificate
3rd Year Arts / Science
Rev. Kalicharan Banerjee Memorial Scholarship
300/- per month each
1st Year Arts
Dr. Biraja Shankar Guha & Mrs. Uma Guha Memorial Educational Award
Educational Expenditure
One deserving History (H) student for the period of study in college.

Scholarships for Christian Students:

(i) Two Scholarships for Leadership of Rs. 1500/- per annum offered by AIACHE.
(ii) Three Scholarships for Dalit Christians of Rs. 1000/- per annum offered by AIACHE.
(iii) Prasanna Kumar and Pankaj Nalini Dutta Memorial Scholarship for securing highest marks in 1st year annual B.Sc. Hons. Exam.
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