1 & 3 Urquhart Square
Kolkata- 700 006

Department of Teacher Education

Contact : Email: hodbed@scottishchurch.ac.in
Phone: +91 (0) 33 2350 3934

Courses Offered :

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Admissions : Please visit the admissions page for details.

Name & Designation
Specialization & Research Interests
Email *
Sm. Chandrima Mitra M.A., M.Phil.
- Associate Professor
Dr. Susmita Ghosh M.Sc., Ph.D., M.Ed.
- Associate Professor [Head of the Department]
Sm. Kakali Mukhopadhyay M.A., M.Phil. - Associate Professor
Sm. Anuradha Gupta M.A., M.Ed.
- Assistant Professor
Sm. Saheli Chowdhury M.A., M.Ed. - Assistant Professor (On leave under FDP)
Sm. Sukanya Mullick M.A., B.Ed. - CWTT
Sri Kingshuk Karan M.Sc., M.Ed. - CPCT    
Sm. Sreya Sen M.A. - CPCT    
Sri. Sourav Das M.A., M.Ed. - (Against FDP Vacancy)    

* @scottishchurch.ac.in is to be appended after each email id.


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